Core Values

  1. Devotion - Our highest calling is to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength through daily communion with Him.
  2. Influence - We are passionate about loving people by winning them to Jesus and making them disciples and leaders.
  3. Service –  We are committed to worship the Lord corporately and personally.
  4. Cell Life -The health of the whole body depends on its cellular vitality, hence, every believer is nurtured in their spiritual home, called the cell group.
  5. Instruction – The disciples are trained to become strong leaders in the School of Leaders.
  6. Prayer – Dependence on the Holy Spirit is the fuel of this church. We rely on Him for fire and fruitfulness.
  7. Loyalty –  A disciple is reliable, respectful, submissive and loyal to his pastor, his leader and discipler.
  8. Excellence – In everything we do, we give our best because our Lord deserves nothing less than excellence.